My Story

How Did Hannah Start Knitting?

When I was 10 years old, I was gifted a knitting kit. The kit contained some worsted weight yarn, wooden knitting needles, a tapestry needle, buttons, and a how-to-book on knitting. I was patiently guided through the first stitches by my Gram. It didn’t take long for knitting to “click”, and I’ve enjoyed keeping my hands busy creating garments and accessories with knitting needles and yarn over the last 10 years.

Knitting Education & Experience

After knitting for myself and as gifts for over 10 years, I was ready for a challenge. In 2021, after much learning, I designed and published my first knitting pattern. It was a pair of mittens with a simple stitch pattern. From grading to working with a tech editor and test knitters to publishing, I learned so much and continued to design a couple more patterns.

After noticing my excitement over the math in knitting design, I enrolled in The Tech Editor Hub’s Learn to Tech Edit Knitting Course in the summer of 2022. Gaining the knowledge to help check knitting patterns for correct math, from the stitch patterns to the finished measurements, that a designer’s style is consistent across their patterns, and so much more quickly became a growing passion. It’s still growing!

Since fall of 2022, I have been blessed to help knitwear designers tech edit their knitting patterns.


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