Tech Editing Services

Do you have a knitting pattern that you have designed and written?

You’ve worked so hard to turn your knitted idea into a written pattern that others can knit!

Do you wonder if your pattern is missing instructions or contains errors you’ve looked over that will affect the finished knit of those following your pattern? You want to verify your style is consistent throughout the whole pattern. You want to have confidence in your pattern on the day you publish!

My job as a tech editor is to make sure that in your pattern the numbers are correct, all the necessary content is present, the style is consistent and clear, and that your pattern is ready for publication. I want you to walk away encouraged and confident with the pattern you’ve created!

Hannah Middleton

If you would like to hear opinions from other knitting designers on my services, you can visit my Testimonials page!

The Tech Editing Process with Hannah

  1. If you have a pattern that you are interested in me editing, send me an email at [email protected] I will get back to you promptly with my availability and how quickly I can edit your pattern.
  2. Next, you can send me an email with your pattern in a pdf format along with your style sheet if you have one. You don’t need to have a style sheet, but please send it along if you do. Your pattern will be confidential with me, and I will not be sharing it with others. I’ll get back to you with the price.
  3. After confirming you are interested in moving forward with the given price, I will annotate your pattern for edits I believe should be made. Once you go over my annotations and edit your pattern, you can send the edited pdf pattern back for me to check. We’ll be complete with the editing process once we are both pleased with your pattern!
  4. I will send you a PayPal invoice and what you will need to write a testimonial.
  5. Let me know when you publish your pattern! I would really enjoy helping you spread the word!


Currently, I’m charging a fixed rate, plus the extra per size, per pattern with a testimonial.

Sock patterns (single size) – $40

Hat patterns (single size) – $40

Mitten patterns (single size) – $40

Shawl, cowl, and scarf patterns (single size) – $50

Garment patterns (single size) – $60

For every additional size included in the pattern, $5 is added to the fixed rate. For example, if you have a sweater pattern with 5 sizes, the price will be $60 plus $20 making the total price $80.

Other Services Provided by Hannah


Depending on your pattern, you may be interested in adding a customized chart. I would love to help you whether it’s a chart for cables, lace, colorwork, or whatever stitch pattern you need!

Custom Schematics

Schematics can add such value to a knitting pattern. If you would like to have a schematic for your knitting pattern, I can help you draw a schematic that visually represents the dimensions of the knitted item created by your pattern.

Once I receive your pdf knitting pattern, I will examine your pattern. From your pattern, I will retrieve all the finished measurements I need to label the schematic. Also, I will take note on the construction of your knitting pattern and any shaping I need to draw on the schematic. With this information, I can draw a to scale, custom schematic that visually represents your knitting pattern.

Feel free to send me an email with any questions or concerns you may have! I would love to meet and help you! Email: [email protected].