I want to encourage you to knot yarn together with needles to create a wearable item to cover yourself and others.


  • Pattern Measurements: Are You Confused?

    Pattern Measurements: Are You Confused?

    You don’t need me to tell you a knitting pattern is full of measurements. 😊 Often, we work to create a garment or accessory that needs to fit someone. The measurements in the pattern inform us to make the best choices that will end in a fitting item. That is if we understand the types […] Read more

  • Announcing YouTube Series on Schematic Drawing

    Announcing YouTube Series on Schematic Drawing

    When I first gained an interest in drawing schematics for knitting patterns, there wasn’t an abundance of resources on how to create a knitting pattern’s schematic especially on a computer. I highly appreciated a video on YouTube that gave me so much guidance as I started the process. Years later, I want to provide a […] Read more



    Yarn: Retrosaria Mondim in colors 103and 308Pattern: “Virginian Pines Socks” (read the post to understand the quotation marks 😏) by Works of Our Hands (Hannah Middleton)Needles: Size 1 (2.25 mm) double pointed needles I’ve already shared a lot about this pattern. What I do have to share is my mistakes! 🙈 I cast on these socks back […] Read more

  • The 2 Stitch Counts in Every Row or Round of Your Knitting Pattern

    The 2 Stitch Counts in Every Row or Round of Your Knitting Pattern

    If you are designing a knitting pattern, every row or round of a knitting pattern technically has 2 stitch counts! Being able to identify these 2 stitch counts for the rows or rounds of your knitting is crucial to designing and writing a knitting pattern without errors. It’s one of the areas a tech editor […] Read more



    Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in color Whales RoadNeedles: US 1 (2.25 mm) double pointed needlesPattern: Mariesi by Marie Amelie Designs I purchased the Malabrigo Sock yarn from a yarn shop in Lynchburg, VA. Superwash sock yarn isn’t common to find in my stash, so I picked up this colorful skein at the yarn shop. This was my first […] Read more

  • Do Schematics Need to be in a Designer’s Style Guide?

    Do Schematics Need to be in a Designer’s Style Guide?

    As a style guide can aid you in organizing and formatting your patterns, a style guide can also include the details of how your schematics appear. It can be a separate style guide or be integrated into your current style guide. Having these guidelines for your schematic drawings will help present consistency and clarity in […] Read more