I want to encourage you to knot yarn together with needles to create a wearable item to cover yourself and others.


“I learned about Works of Our Hands tech editing from Ravelry. I chose Hannah because as a first time, newbie pattern designer/ writer, I wanted to give a newer tech editor a chance to “show her stuff” and that is exactly what she did. Hannah was extremely efficient and expedient in the process. She responded to my many, MANY questions quickly and thoroughly and the entire process took only a few days. Her editing style was proficient in all areas. She communicated in a clear and concise manner and made the process totally seamless from start to finish. I would encourage anyone looking for a tech editor to reach out to Hannah. It was a very worthwhile experience.”

Sandy Sessler, Designer

“Having Hannah edit my pattern was a blessing. She knows her stuff, and she is well structured, fast and thorough. Above all, it’s been a great experience and a pleasure to work with her. I can absolutely recommend her!”

Ulla Linnemann, Textile Designer