My Top Focusing Tips That I Use When Editing

Focus! Can you do that? Personally, I recognize areas of my life that deserve more of my focus. There are people, places, and things in my life that deserve my full attention with all five senses and my mind present for more than two seconds.

When I look around, I conclude that I’m not the only one who doesn’t focus well or for long these days. Instagram and Facebook give us stories catering to our habits. When was the last time you watched a video or read a book from start to finish by choice? I catch myself having conversations with people and thinking about checking a text or if the food in the oven is burning?

I’m learning little by little to focus better. One aspect I enjoy about tech editing is the necessity of focusing on the pattern at hand. With my checklist and size charts, I sit down knowing that the task before me is going to require my full attention. Every part of that pattern, from the yardage to the armhole shaping needs to be checked for accuracy, clarity, and consistency.

I wanted to share some focusing tips I’ve learned to apply while tech editing. Whether you are a knitter, designer, tech editor, or just needing to focus, I hope these tips will help you!

1) Decide you are going to focus on this one task.

2) Close websites in tabs that show notifications like email, YouTube, etc.

3) If you decide to listen to music in the background, make sure it actually helps you focus. Likely, you can listen to your favorite songs that distract you at a later time.

4) Work in increments of focused time and then take breaks. I find working for around 20-30 minutes and then breaking for a few minutes helps me work as efficiently in that work time as possible.

5) Have a list of tasks to complete or a finish line goal. For me, I have a Master Check List that I created so I cover every aspect of the knitting pattern needing my attention. This list is broken into sections or passes so that I know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s hard to focus when you don’t know what to focus on!

6) Log out of social media and turn off notifications.

There are several more habits that can encourage you to give your complete attention and time to one thing. I would love to hear any habits you use! The benefits of focusing in our work and relationships far outweigh momentary impulses, pleasures, and rabbit-trails. What is your favorite tips to help you focus?

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