I want to encourage you to knot yarn together with needles to create a wearable item to cover yourself and others.

On Communication with Designers

When I read the testimonial that Judith wrote about her experience working with me as her tech editor, I was reminded of the importance of how I communicate with other designers. 

As a tech editor, it is very important to me that I do my job well! Each knitting pattern has a description and a list of materials to check. Is the correct amount of yardage recommended? Is the stitch pattern to work the gauge swatch listed? Is the item worked from the pattern going to fit as intended? Then, I get to work through the pattern row by row, or round by round 😊, checking that the pattern works mathematically. Sometimes, there are schematics or charts that need my attention. Finally, I check that the spelling and grammar are good and pretty up my notes to the designer.

That’s a quick summary of the editing process, but editing is only a part of my job. The time before and after editing is filled with emails and correspondence with the designer I’m privileged to work with. In my correspondence, I want to be clear, willing to answer any questions, quick, and efficient. I want to communicate encouragement and positivity in my tone no matter what is happening during the editing process. How we communicate matters!

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