Socks for Stephen

The Fair Isle socks I share about in this post taught me a lesson. This post includes the notes from this pair of socks and the hard lesson learned.

An up-close look at the sock leg’s Fair Isle motif.

Yarn: Retrosaria Mondim in colors 103
and 308
Pattern: “Virginian Pines Socks” (read the post to understand the quotation marks) by Works of Our Hands (Hannah Middleton)
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm) double pointed needles


I cast on these socks back in the Spring of 2022 . At the time, the Virginian Pines Socks pattern was still in progress with some problems still needing to be solved. The first sock helped me discover those problems.

When my brother requested a pair of knit socks recently, I picked back up the green pine socks that I had put aside. To keep things short in this post, I noticed the Fair Isle pine motif looked a little different. The “stars” were slightly out of place.

The end result is a pair of warm wool socks for my brother in one of my favorite sock yarns with a slight difference in the pine trees motif. He keeps showing excitement over them despite my inconsistent product.

What did I learn from this project? Don’t put knitting projects that need a pair aside for over 6 months especially if there were problems already occurring!

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